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Beauty, Personal Care, Skin Care, Cosmetics

Skin Care/Body Care – Beautycounter

My top pick for all things personal care, skin care and cosmetics is absolutely Beautycounter.  Looking for something in particular?  Chances are, they have it.  Send me an email so I can help you find the right products!

**I love this sunscreen!  It’s a tinted sunscreen… so you’ve got a touch of healthy color, and all the protections you need… without the chemicals.

**My Favorite Cleanser– This stuff is amazing.  It’s a gentle balm that removes makeup, while retaining moisture in the skin.  You can even use it as a mask!

**Charcoal Cleansing Bar– This is a super affordable option.  While I love the cleansing balm at night, this is my go to in the morning.

**Countercontrol System– I tend to be acne prone, so I absolutely love this counter control regimen.  Acne not your issue?  You’re in luck, because they have something for every skin type.

Makeup- Beautycounter

Flawless in five set.  This is such a great deal, and such a great selection of products.  Looking to either clean up or change up your makeup routine?  START HERE!

Other Make-up/Skin Care – 100% Pure

This is another company committed to safe personal care products.  There are a couple products that use ingredients I wouldn’t personally use, but overall, it’s a great company with great products.  Find 100% Pure here!

Other Make-up/Skin Care – Sappho

Sappho – another great option for safe beauty.  Before switching almost exclusively to Beautycounter, I used Sappho products daily and was very happy with them.

Deodorant – Little Seed Farms

I don’t even want to get into my frustrations with natural deodorants.  It is HARD and EXPENSIVE to find one that works.  For now, this is the best option.  I’ve heard rumblings that Beautycounter may be coming out with deodorant soon… I’m excited to see if it will be able to top this deodorant from Little Seed Farm or not!


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