My name is Cecily, and I am so happy to welcome you here!Cecily Joy

I created this site as a place for women to come together. This is a place to grow in faith as a generation of women.

Together, we’ll talk about 4  main areas of our lives where we  (the spiritual, the relational, the physical, and the nest/home), and how these things NEED to be connected to the vine (God).

Those 4 areas of life are so important to how we function in this world.  In order to produce healthy fruit for the Kingdom of God,  we as the branches ultimately need to be connected to the vine (Jesus). This will result in a fruitful, purposeful life.

My mission is to help women develop their faith and to live this life that they were trusted with; both intentionally and faithfully.

I want to help women understand their value in the eyes of their creator (and their family, friends, and co-workers), so that they can fully step into their purpose.

Here is how I can help:

  • Help you examine those 4 areas of your life
  • Help you recognize the importance of the vine, and how to stay connected
  • Help you identify and understand your priorities in life, and how to give them the attention they’re due
  • Help you structure your life so that it flows from the vine, with calm purpose… not hurried chaos

Now, a little bit about my daily life:

I live on a farm with all-sorts going on.  A walk through our fields will reveal water buffalo, berkshire pigs, heritage turkeys, ducks, chickens, cats, dogs, cows, gardens, and woods. I’m a country girl, through and through.

I’m a wife to a public school teacher, a homeschooling mom of 3 awesome/exhausting kids, a health and wellness pursuer, a business owner, an introvert, and a dark chocolate and sea salt lover.

Oh, and give me all the tacos.  Yes… tacos can be healthy!

Now you know a little about me… let’s get to know you!  Feel free to shoot me an email to tell me about yourself.

And a little BONUS.  Fill in this form, and I’ll send you a multi-page printable that will help you get your priorities straight.  Priorities are truly SO important to how we can live our lives well… and we all need a little help with this sometimes!