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Whether you’re a parent, an aunt, an uncle, a grandparent, or a friend, finding kids gifts for Christmas can be draining.  What toys are “all-the-rage” right now?  Does this girl like pink and purple or blue and green?  How much is appropriate to spend?  Is this gift age-appropriate?  Do 10-year-olds still play with stuffed animals?  The quest for the perfect gift should be less about finding the perfect “toy-of-the-moment” and more about substance.  Gifts that grow faith in a child are the perfect answer.

Why I Care About Gifts That Grow Faith

A while back, I was putting my oldest son to bed.  As I was tucking the blankets around him, he looked up at me with his sweet, blue eyes, and said, “Mom, if you could wish for just one thing in the whole world, what would it be?”

I didn’t hesitate, because my daily prayers already held the answer.  I said to him, “Buddy, my biggest prayer is that you, your brother, and your sister would grow up to know God, love God and serve God.”  He stared at me for a moment longer before saying, “I would wish for a lizard.”


I laughed, kissed him, and said a prayer before turning out his light and going downstairs to tell my husband what cuteness had just transpired.  But as I was reflecting on it, the seriousness of my prayer hit me.  My biggest hope and prayer truly is what I said to my son that night.  I just want my kids to know God, love God, and serve God.  I firmly believe that with that in place… everything is OK.

That prayer of mine had gone from being an instinctive prayer, to a fully-realized, desperate prayer.  This is why I care about gifts that grow faith.  I don’t want Christmas and birthday’s to only be a time of materialism.  Am I saying never get them that cool toy they’ve been dreaming about for a year?  No, of course not.  But for every gift like that, there’s a gift with greater substance that could be given… Gifts that grow faith.

1.The Ology.

This book is absolutely amazing.  The whole family will really enjoy going through this book.  While it’s geared for kids, even adults will learn something new thanks to the fresh perspective this book offers.

The Ology introduces the Christian faith in a simple way.  It makes sense of confusing content.  As I read through it with my kids, I often think of how many adults I know that aren’t Christians that would benefit from this simple, yet thorough explanation of God, people, sin, God’s promise and law, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the church, God’s word, the end times, and how we are adopted into God’s family.
It’s so comprehensive, but in a simple, organized way.  The art is also beautiful and interesting, and there are scripture references on every page.

I highly recommend any parent get this book as a gift for their children… and then read along with them and learn!

You can find “The Ology” at this link.

2. Indescribable- 100 Devotions About God and Science.

This is such a fun book.  It’s colorful and filled with amazing content.
The titles of the devotionals are intriguing to kids and leave them wanting more.  For example, one is called, “Look out! It’s gonna blow!”  How many kids do you know that wouldn’t wonder what was about to blow?  Of course, they want to read more!

This book is also great for discussion as it’s not strictly devotional.  There’s science tied into every lesson, which means the kids are going to have loads of questions.  It gives you, as the parent, a great opportunity to talk with your child, and weave God into every aspect of what they observe in life.  They’ll see that God is not separate and distant… He made the universe and is the master scientist!

Are you looking for gifts with meaning this year? Here's a list of 5 Christmas gifts that grow faith for kids! #kidschristmas #meaningfulchristmas #faithgifts #faith #jesus #christmas

3. Love Does For Kids

So. much. Love. For. This. Book.

Bob Goff has a way of bringing so much joy into the lives of the people reading his books.  He stokes imagination in children, and reminds adults that God calls us to be like the little children.  He reminds us that our hearts should be filled with joy.

This book is also read in devotional form, with a new topic each day.

Love Does For Kids has the potential to shatter your kids world view and expose narcissism in a way that doesn’t belittle.  This book shows kids that by actively loving and putting others first, their lives can be bigger, better, and more beautiful than they ever dreamed!

By reading this book, your kids will learn what love does.  And that is so incredibly valuable.

4. Compassion

Every year, we like to give gifts of Compassion through Compassion International.  We have two sponsor children through Compassion, and it’s an organization we like to actively support.

For our kids, it’s difficult for them to understand that not everyone has everything that we have.  They have plenty of clothes in their cupboards, their own bedrooms with individual heating and air-conditioning, the fridge is never empty, they have toys, books, TV, and family and friends that love them.

Despite these things, discontentment easily grows.  This isn’t unique to children.  Adults are guilty of the same thing.  We are so incredibly fortunate where we live, and it’s all too natural to take our blessings for granted.

This is why we enjoy giving gifts of Compassion through Compassion International.  They have a catalog every year of different gifts and price points.  We enjoy getting together with extended family to give a larger gift to benefit an individual, family, or community.

Giving a gift of Compassion brings light to the fact that God’s children are all over the earth, and we all have different needs.  It sparks conversation and stirs a heart of love, compassion and gratitude.  Compassion truly gives you the opportunity to give gifts that grow faith.

You can find Compassion’s website at this link!

5. Games From Bible Games Central

This is such a great company! My kids love to play family games, and these thoughtful games are such a great way to weave in some learning while having fun. We’ve tried many of their games, including The Good Shepherd, Emoji Bible Stories, Click Clack Match and Parable Parade. They even make holiday-specific games for Thanksgiving and Christmas. They’re all so fun and I highly recommend them!

6. Little People Nativity Set

This is such an adorable nativity set.  The kids will love setting it up, and because the items are plastic, the kids can play with it as much as they want without worry of it breaking.

Having a nativity is a visual way to remind your family that Christmas is about the gift of Jesus.  Not what Santa will be bringing on Christmas Eve.  The gifts we give each other are in remembrance and celebration of what Christ has done for us.
It’s one thing to talk about this with our kids, but if they have a visual, tactile reminder, it takes it to another level for them.

That’s the List!

I hope you found this list of gifts that grow faith helpful.  These items are great for kids of any ages.  If your kids are young, read the books with them.  In all these books, the concepts are laid out simply, so it really does give a great foundation.  The gift of Compassion addresses real human need and is great for cultivating a missional spirit in your child.  The nativity adds fun and will always serve as a reminder of the beautiful gift we were given through Jesus.

No matter what gifts you choose to get the kids in your life this year, I pray you will have a blessed Christmas!

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Tired of Christmas materialism? Here's a list of 5 gifts for kids that grow faith! #christmas #kidchristmas #faith #jesus
Are you looking for gifts with meaning this year? Here's a list of 5 Christmas gifts that grow faith for kids! #kidschristmas #meaningfulchristmas #faithgifts #faith #jesus #christmas
Are you looking for ways to grow your child's faith at Christmas? Here is a list of 5 gift ideas to grow your child's faith. #christmas #jesus #christmasgiftsforkids #christiankids

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