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Simple Health Tips.  When I think of overall health, illness prevention, and inflammation reduction, initially, I think, “wow! That’s a big, broad topic.” There are so many things I could say, tips I could give, and ways
I could actively guide you to improve your situation.

While I enjoy learning the nitty-gritty, I don’t always enjoy teaching it. Because simplicity is the name of my game. My overarching goal in everything I do is to leave you in such a capable place, that you no longer need me, in order to live the healthy, happy life you dream of. My goal is for you to own it!

So, I’m going to give you my “big three” for simple health tips.  This will cover over-all health…  including tips for reducing inflammation.

Simple Health Tips

1.  Eat whole foods the way God made them. 

I have friends who share posts on social media making fun of people who aren’t OK with fake
food, additives, and colors because “science.”big-three-simple-health-tips

I would argue, though, that our bodies are pretty darn smart and hard to trick.   If you want to feel good and see a big change: cut out processed food.  Processed foods have so much added sugar, hydrolyzed oils, preservatives etc.

But let’s focus on the sugar. When your body breaks down all that sweet stuff, it sets off a cascade that
ultimately releases and increases inflammatory chemicals. We’ve all heard of free radicals. Not
only do they make you not feel as well as you should, according to research they truly do cause
more rapid aging.

So, pick foods in their natural, unprocessed state as much as possible. As for packaged foods,
remember a label that says “all natural,” “gluten free,” or “sugar free,” doesn’t automatically mean

If you’re looking for how to keep your body healthy, read the ingredients portion of the label!


2.  Rest and exercise appropriately.

This next simple health tip is all about movement.

When it comes to moving your body, more is better right? Not always.

Yes, when I look at the general population, most of us need to move more. But you need to look at yourself. Getting
some good movement and exercise everyday is necessary, but running a marathon everyday is not.

Exercise, if effective, will cause acute inflammation in the body that’s unavoidable.  This is 100% OK, but over exercise can cause long term chronic inflammation. That chronic inflammation is what hits us hard.

Our bodies need time to rest and repair. So know your body. Doing that hard workout everyday
may not be right for you.

Pay attention to how you feel and learn what works best for you, individually. Then sleep. Good sleep is imperative eat wholefood-rest-and-exercise-supplementto having a healthy body and healthy mind.

3.  Supplement.

This was the piece I added a few years ago when I was on point with my first two categories yet
still feeling really crummy.

A lot of people are looking for a “how to get healthy fast” magic solution.  I was no exception, and I had to learn that health is a long journey, and not a sprint.

It was so frustrating to be “doing it all right” and still feel like I was living in a fog with no energy, headaches, sinus issues and aching joints. Before I started adding extras to my diet, I did a lot of research on what I needed and why.

I learned a great deal about our food and why it is we are seeing a spike in autoimmune disorders, allergies, cancers and other common problems.

There is some conflicting information. I mean, this day and age you can find conflicting information on just about anything, right!?

This is why I always use experience and common-sense to guide me.  In this area, experience has helped me to know in my heart what I honestly believe.

The problems listed above, I truly think are getting worse and growing in number because they have a nutritional component we are ignoring.

They say seeing is believing. Healing in my own body and watching it in so many others has me advocating for a hard change in how we view and treat medical issues. Maybe we still use medicine. But we cannot ignore how we feed ourselves.

If we’re looking for simple health tips, we have to start with nutrition.

Nutrition is one of the most important keys to health, and has to be part of both the healing and prevention process.


Let’s run down a few of my favorite supplements to help you achieve a happy and healthy life:


For overall health, use a multivitamin.  Our family chose one based on its completeness, bio-availability and methylated B vitamins (if you don’t know what that is, it’s pretty interesting stuff for a nerd like me. Just
shout, and I’ll explain).

On my best day, even eating perfectly, it is extremely hard to get the amount of nutrients necessary for my body to function optimally.supplements-for-health-multivitamin-sulfur-mangosteen-chia-seeds

The general population is increasingly deficient in the major micro-nutrients, partially because of poor diets, but the changes in how our food is grown, and the soil it’s grown in are also  major factors. Adding a good multivitamin fills those nutritional gaps.


As far as healthy lifestyle tips go, Sulfur is relatively unknown.

However, If I could recommend people look at one product to implement into their daily routine, this would be it! I’ve read so many studies on the benefits of sulfur, as well as studies on how it has been depleted from our soils. In turn, it is no longer prevalent in our foods to the degree it’s necessary in our bodies.

In addition to the studies, I’ve personally experienced and witnessed the amazing results when it is added.
Sulfur is one of those things we use everyday, even with our kids. Kiss allergies goodbye! Aches and pains are relieved as well.

This is the first line of defense for my family when it comes to not getting sick, and an important part of our strategy to get better if we do fall ill.

There are so many other benefits: balanced hormones, decreased cholesterol, beautiful skin and hair, to name a few.


Super fruits in general have become pretty mainstream. People are picking up acai bowls, smoothies and drinks. But nothing compares to 100% pure, wild-harvested superfruits. What’s the difference? No binders, fillers, added water, or other liquid of any kind.

They are potent.

There are four main super fruits our family is accustomed to using: noni, acai, goji and mangosteen.

While we find benefits in each, mangosteen is by far our family favorite. I wanted to highlight it, especially since we are talking inflammation. It is widely known for it’s antihistamine and anti inflammatory properties. Those properties aid in decreasing pain, curbing allergies, helping people with autoimmune issues, and keeping us healthy in general.

4. Chia Seeds:

The chia seed is known for being a wonderful plant based omega 3 supplement.  We are picky about our chia and have chosen one that is cut so the nutrients are easily absorbed rather, than a whole seed that just passes through.

But unlike the grocery store alternatives to whole seeds that are crushed, a cut seed leaves the oils intact and available.

People I know have seen improvements in depression, joint pain, gut health and even autism through consuming chia. It’s a super food for sure.

Some of these tips, such as eating right, exercising daily (but not overdoing it) may seem so simple.  They seem simple because they are. But we often forget the easy and the obvious, and we over-complicate things.


Conclusion- Simple Health Tips

need-support-for-these-health-tips-reach-outYou may be new to a healthier lifestyle and want further explanation. If you aren’t used to eating
food “God made,” you may need to reach out and get a little help reading labels or learning how
to cook foods that don’t require a label (like veggies).

Or, maybe you have made some big changes and are ready to dive in deeper and fine tune things. We can help with that, too.

When it comes to supplements, they aren’t all the same. There are so many factors: How do you choose, the packaging, the price… do you ask the employee in the supplement section at the store that was hired last week?

Maybe you need a little guidance on choosing, or want to learn more about the why behind what you use or
are thinking you might need to add. We are here for that.

I think I can speak for us both, Cecily and myself, that we are here to trouble shoot those areas if you need
some assistance, and cheer you on as you make positive changes!

We love walking this road with people. Life should be lived in joy and fulfillment. That’s so much easier to achieve
when you feel good – mind, body, and soul. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

*These statements are not intended to prevent treat cure or replace advice of a medical doctor*


This post was written by Rita Rogers.  Rita has 13 years experience as a nurse in a cardiovascular ICU where she is still practicing.  However, she currently spends most of her working hours blogging, and helping people one-on-one to get to their pain points, with health and weight, through nutrition and supplementation.  She and her husband have two little girls, and live a mid-western  farm life.



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Written by cecilyjoy
I help women grow in faith and health, and embrace real food in this fast-paced world.